About Us

Welcome to Rocco + Norah. We are so glad you are here! 
We are 3 friends who bonded over our mutual desire to do something fun and meaningful. With backgrounds in art, decorating, and textile design, we knew there had to be something we could create together. When two of us had our first babies, the idea for Rocco + Norah was hatched. 
This brand was born out of desire to be creative and provide the world our special brand of rebellion. We are proud to offer quality made products for the unique minis in your life!
So stay, read awhile. 
I’m Lauren. Mother to Rocco + Felix and long-time rebel. I graduated oh-so-long ago with a degree in art history and have worked in customer service, upscale retail, and for myself as a personal stylist. I've followed my husband, The Captain, around the US over our almost 10 years of marriage! Five years ago we found ourselves at home in sunny Southern California where I had the good fortune to meet Emily and Tracy. The rest is history!
Hi, I’m Tracy!  I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Surface Pattern Design from Syracuse University.  I started working as a bedding designer in NYC. I was able to work on various brands including Laura Ashley, Nautica, Tommy Bahama and Nicole Miller.  In 2012 I got engaged to the love of my life, but this also meant leaving New York and moving to San Diego. Shortly after, I meet with Lauren and Emily and we all hit it off instantly.  Discovering our similar likes and talents, having babies (well, not me!) we decided to do something with our talents and create Rocco + Norah.
Hi there! I'm Emily, momma to Norah + Oliver! Our little family lives in sunny California, where I met these brilliant ladies, Lauren and Tracy. We hit it off from the start! Collaborating all of our different talents to form r+n was icing on the cake. I like to say I have a degree in all things arts and crafts. I've always had a crafty bone, even as a kid. I love to sew, draw, decorate and do pretty much any and all DIY projects. Creating something, anything; that's where my passion lies. I also love all things gold and glittery.